Covid safety measures at Meeting C++ 2022

This page gives you an overview on the planned on site measures to counter the spread of Covid and other viruses during this years Meeting C++ conference. Please understand that this is a moving target, and much of the things are going to change until November. As an organizer I try to counter this by being a bit more strict as what currently is the law. That way we will not get surprised by new rules on November 1st.

Meeting C++ can create only a limited rule set that protects attendees while attending. The Hotel is likely going to stick with what the law requires, and hence this is what applies to some parts of the conference, where we mix with other hotel guests. This applies to the general hotel, the hallways and some other facilities. The rooms where we are hosting the onsite conference program in are the ones to which this rule set applies most. Meeting C++ assumes that this might all be what the current law could be in November, or what organisations like the RKI suggest for inside events in Germany during winter.


Masks are mandatory to wear (on your face, covering mouth and nose) in the rooms where the onsite conference program is hosted. On the shared conference venue e.g. Hallways, Toilets, Restaurant and in the hotel Meeting C++ advises you to wear a mask. Meeting C++ will offer complimentary masks, but advises you to bring your own masks that you feel comfortable with, either medical or FFP2.


As stated in the ticketshop page and on the main page, Meeting C++ assumes that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Meeting C++ will check this if its required by law, but might also offer to check and mark folks that have proven their vaccination status.


By attending Meeting C++ onsite, you confirm that you are not having Covid or flu like symptoms and have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week. Folks that do display symptoms will be politely asked to follow the conference via the online part.

More plans

Above is a first version of the measures planned, I hope to be able to update this with further information once certain plans have finalized. Also, as the laws that apply will be written and might become valid in November, this is still much of a moving target.