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C++ static analyzer developer at SonarSource

published at 03.10.2021 14:25

Location: Geneva

Company: SonarSource

Relocation Level: International

Remote support for this position: yes

SonarSource’s C-Family code analyzer is designed to fulfill the needs of C and C++ developers: spotting tricky code quality and security issues as fast as possible while generating as little noise as possible. Dereferences of null pointers, memory leaks, dead code, logic flow errors … are some examples of those quality issues. The analyzer also helps to enforce coding standards like CPP Core Guidelines and MISRA C++2008. The analyzer is built on top of the Clang front-end and can run inside the IDE as well as on CI systems. The analyzer is compatible with the mainstream C and C++ compilers: Clang, GCC, MSVC and Arm.

By joining the C-Family, you will be part of an autonomous team without a manager. You will choose what to work on. You will have fun facing the ultimate challenge of analyzing what is probably the most complex language in the world: C++.

On a daily basis, you will:


The skills you will demonstrate:

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