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Join think-cell as a C++ developer

published at 24.08.2017 17:43

Location: Berlin, Germany

Do you believe in beauty when it comes to programming? Do you have a vivid interest in elegant algorithms?

Are you fluent in C++? If so, we would like to meet you. Here is what we offer in a nutshell:

  • A wide array of extremely challenging C++ development tasks
  • An international team of brilliant minds
  • A working environment that makes this team stay and grow
  • Enough time to make sure that every detail of your solution is perfect
  • A flat organization and plenty of room for your ideas
  • No scheduled meetings
  • Family-friendly working hours, no deadlines, no overtime
  • Support for relocation
  • A competitive salary from the start and a raise to EUR 120,000 annually after only one year

Apply at think-cell.

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