Announcing the second set of AMAs for Meeting C++ 2021

published at 14.07.2021 09:49 by Jens Weller

With this 2nd set of Ask me anything Meeting C++ 2021 will offer 6 sessions where you can ask questions to well known C++ experts!

The second set of AMAs are

This second set of C++ Experts nicely completes the first one. Its now a mix of folks involved with the C++ Standard complimented with experience in C++ and other languages. All of them have made contributions to C++ and our community, very much looking forward to see the set of questions for each of them in November!

This allows also a first view on the planned schedule. The conference will likely start the day with an AMA and towards the end of the day there will be another one. Between them will be most talks in likely 3 tracks and various offers to interact with other C++ programmers on various topics. This years conference focuses on learning and exchanging knowledge about C++ and its future.

The AMAs will not be recorded, questions will come from the audience. The next step towards the program of Meeting C++ 2021 will be the voting on the submitted talks, I hope to be able to release a first set of accepted talks then in August.


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