Thanks for submitting your talk to Meeting C++ 2021!

published at 13.07.2021 16:20 by Jens Weller

A quick thank you to the speakers that submitted their talks to this years Meeting C++ 2021 conference!

Looking at the numbers its like last year, the submissions are lower then they would be in a "normal" year. Due to the pandemic some speakers have chosen to speak again next year, while others seem to jump on the opportunity to deliver an online talk to the C++ community. The overall quality of the submissions is high, and this year we'll be able to fill a few tracks. The submissions are a good mix of well known speakers and topics you'll love to hear about. Though listening to talks will be only one of the things that you can do at Meeting C++ 2021, I'm working on offering many formats that feature well in an online setting during the conference.

Last year the conference was one track mostly due to early planning for a one track hybrid event in Berlin, which at the end did not happen. With this year clearly still being in the pandemic I decided to opt early for an online only event, and not having to deal with the overhead an onsite event brings in the pandemic. Meeting C++ 2021 will focus on giving you the best C++ content for 3 days, so that you can learn the most. You'll be able to have an impact on the program, as we'll vote again on the talks that should make it to the conference.

Next Steps

As mentioned above, I'm going to open the voting on the talks soon, which then will go on until July 31st. I hope to present a first program by Mid August. But some of this program is already taking shape, as I announced the first 3 AMAs for the conference last week. And soon will announce another set of 3 AMAs with Sean, Daniela and Kevlin.

Meeting C++ 2021 will be hosted on the same platform as Meeting C++ online, and feature some of the events that have been featuring in my online User Group, like the online fairs. During September all of the program should be visible to you.

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