C++ User Group Meetings in August

Also in August a couple of C++ User Group Meetings take place! This time there will be in total 5 User Groups meeting:

  • 13.8 - C++ UG London - afaik they are still looking for a talk, the one planned will take place in September
  • 15.8 - C++ UG Dresden - featuring a talk over the backends of compilers
  • 20.8 - C++ UG Berlin - featuring a 2 talks over unit testing (boost.test and googletest/googlemock)
  • 21.8 - C++ UG Hamburg - 2nd meeting, 2 short talks planned, not sure which topic.
  • 21.8 - C++ UG NRW - talk not yet announced

Its some how strange, that we have so many C++ User Groups running fairly well in Germany, and so little activity outside. Getting started is fairly easy, select a date and a place, and let people in you local network know. This might take a month or two for planning sometimes, but once you get started, it keeps kind of going.

Also the focus of this post is more or less europe, I know that there are a few User Groups in America and Asia, but for example the North Western C++ User Group seem not to have announced their next meeting.

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