Insights about the candidates of the previous Meeting C++ online job fair

published at 08.09.2021 16:06 by Jens Weller
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On May 25th & 26th Meeting C++ had organized the 2nd online C++ job fair in 2021.

New for this edition was that an employer could choose filter for candidates based on region(continents), C++ options(Standards, Libraries), field of work(Desktop, Embedded,...) and years of experience. So candidates would be able to share the CV with the matching employers. The employers then still have to do the picking, but they have a first quick way of choosing how many candidates with which qualifications they receive. By default this form matches for an employer with any candidate, I think this is the better default then not receiving candidates until you've chosen your criterias.

Once this was in place, I realized that this would also allow for running an overall statistics on this data set to give the community and potential employers some data on who has submitted CVs. The form to share the resumes was online from beginning of May until Mid of July. The CVs can be submitted to the companies sponsoring the event and those listed in the Meeting C++ recruiting section.

But these statistics are also influenced by who and how many employers attend. The first edition had lots of trading companies, with the 2nd one having none. I expect that "finance" would have been more relevant in the fields of work then it is for the 2nd event. And when having more companies as sponsors it makes advertising the event so much easier and successful. Also the event in May was facing summer with lots of companies focusing not on hiring. Still this event saw more submissions through the CV sharing form then the first.

Submission countries

This is the only dataset which exists for both events, and allows a little bit of comparison. Its clearly visible that the submissions from Europe were stronger, which in my opinion is mostly caused by having more companies present and also that the May event had lots of late registrations from employers. Making advertising in social media difficult.

Countries March 21
Countries May21

India has always been popular with this event and the submission form. Roughly 20% of my reach on LinkedIn is India.

C++ options

This is one of the most important ways for a candidate to quickly show their profile to an potential employer. By choosing the options that represent your C++ knowledge the form can match with employers looking for this.

chosen Cpp Options May 21

As you see most popular are C++11, Linux and C++14. Overall its a wide range of C++ knowledge shared here.

C++ working fields

This category lets both sides quickly understand in which areas a candidate has worked. For a potential employer it might make sense to filter on some of these fields. For the next event I plan to add robotics as a new option. Also I'm happy to add any new options to this or the previous category if an employer would like have this detail.

chosen Cpp Fields of work May21

As you see the most candidates have experience in Desktop, Embedded and/or Server. And as already mentioned, some fields might find better representation once companies from this field are present at the event.

Years of experience

This is an interesting detail, and I think an important point of knowledge for the hiring process. A team might choose a different interview process based on this for newer and more experienced candidates. Though I was happy to see that most employers chose not to filter on this the last time.

years of Cpp experience May21

Again its a good mix, with a bias towards folks not being around for decades. It also shows that young talent is moving into C++ as a career option.

Candidate dashboard

Each employer who* receives CVs will have access to a dashboard listing the above statistics for the candidates that submitted their CV to them. Below are the submissions of each candidate listed with these categories listed.

Employers still can register for the next job fair on the 28th/29th September online.

*as mentioned above, companies sponsoring a job fair and those listed in the employer listing receive CVs through this form. Companies choosing to attend the event on a free option will not be present in the CV sharing form, and have to collect the contact information and CVs during the event on their own.

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