A video interview with Michael Wong

published at 27.07.2014 18:18 by Jens Weller
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I've started last year a video interview in Aspen - while at C++Now - with Michael Wong. This year I had the chance to finish the interview and I am now finally able to release it. Michael is a member of the C++ Committee for many years, he leads the Canadian delegation and also speaks for IBM at the C++ committee. He has worked for many years on IBMs C++ compiler. He also chairs OpenMP & the transactional memory subgroup. Thanks to Michael for the great conversation, which I now finally can release.

Part of the interview was recorded last year on the outside, because of side noises (for example a Garbagetruck came), I decided to record the second part on the inside. Both times I used the video recording software that I did write with Qt 5. I blogged previously about recording videos with Qt5. My software failed me for recording talks, but its actually quite good for recording interviews and announcements.

You also can watch the interview on youtube as a playlist.


C++11 Style

Michael already gave in 2012 a keynote on C++11 at Meeting C++, so it was naturally to also speak about this topic in the 2013 recording. C++14 IMHO shows that the lessons learned from modern C++ and C++11 continue to shape and improve the language.


Of course a very important topic, we talked quite a lot about this at C++Now, and Michael had also given a presentation at the conference on the new C++14 features. But I will start with the question "What is your favorite part of C++14?" which I asked last year:

My first question this year was about his thoughts on C++14:

C++14 consists out of new features and bug fixes, which we first talked about:

Next, C++14 improves lambdas for C++, one of the key features of the new standard:

Future Standards

The next Standard for C++ is currently known as C++17, and already taking shape through the emerging technical specifications. I already blogged about this current C++ status in spring, it was nice to speak with Michael about this development for C++, but first, what thinks Michael is still missing in C++?

Michael on future C++ Standards and technical specifications:

Concurrency in C++

Michael Wong on the TS for parallelism and concurrency:

When talking about concurrency in C++ and its standardization, the question comes up, which are the options today?

Transactional memory

Michael also chairs the Transactional Memory subgroup in the committee, so naturally we also had to shortly speak about this:

So, this is the whole interview. There were a few out takes due to background noises, the interview it self was not scripted, it has been at both recordings very spontanous about what we would like to speak. Also the time for the recordings was limited, and done between the breaks at C++Now.

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