C++ Conferences in Fall 2014

published at 27.08.2014 12:25 by Jens Weller
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Like last year, I'd like to give an overview over the C++ Conferences happening this fall. As the holiday season comes to an end, it might be time to plan your trip to one of these conferences. Before I go on about the various conferences, a short word on why should one go to such an event.

Why you should be visiting a C++ Conference

Today there is a lot of good C++ Content online available, most conferences even record their sessions, so visiting a conference can't be just about the content. But I think that the content is still a very important reason, not just to sell the visit to your boss. Its a difference if you are able to talk to speakers and fellow C++ Programmers about a specific topic, or if you only can post a comment on a blog post. Also, and that is in my opinion the biggest difference for the content, you'll get it all at once. Would your boss let you watch the next few days recorded talks on youtube? So on a conference you'll get a little time off from your work, but share your love to C++ with fellow Attendees.

Which are the 2nd best reason to go there, to meet people. Not only those who you already know, but also those who might have a similar problem but a different solution. At a conference you usually not only meet new people, but also new ideas and different solutions for the same problems. Often you also can speak with people who might already have used that library your currently planning to use. So a good C++ Conference will boost your C++ Knowledge and you'll leave with a few new contacts and lots of new motivation.

C++ Conferences this Fall

I'll order them after the date, so Meeting C++ is last, and CppCon is first. At the end you'll find again an overview over all of them.


I think you probably have already read some where about this amazing new C++ Conference in Bellevue/Seattle. This is the biggest C++ Conference ever, 6 Tracks, loads of additional C++ content, and this 4 days long. I'll be there speaking about C++ User Groups and giving my talk from C++Now 0xBADC0DE again. This conference is happening for the first time, its backed by isocpp.org and a team of experienced C++ Event people.

The idea for CppCon was born last year at C++Now in Aspen.

C++ and Beyond

This years C++ and Beyond is in Stuttgart, so this event is for the first time in Europe. Scott Meyers, Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu will give you their C++ Wisdom for 3 Days at the end of September. Like in the previous years, this event is very special and exclusive with getting the thoughts of 3 C++ Titans.

Qt DevDays

Like in the last years, the Qt community has its own and very successful conference, the Qt DevDays. There is a european edition in October in Berlin and an american edition in November in San Francisco. This conference is always very focused on Qt, as Qt today is also QML and other technologies, its not a purely on C++ focused conference. If you work with Qt you should think about visiting the Qt DevDays.

Meeting C++ 2014

This years Meeting C++ conference has moved to Berlin, we'll meet at the 5th and 6th December. For the 3rd time Meeting C++ will bring the European C++ scene together for 2 days and offer like last year 3 Tracks full of C++. The Keynotes are held this year by Scott Meyers and Hartmut Kaiser. This years theme track is "Scientific Programming with C++". And something new in this year: Meeting C++ has a student program, which will bring 50 students to the conference. I'm looking forward to see some of you at Meeting C++ 2014!


An overview over all conferences and what a ticket will cost you:

Event Student Program Early Bird Tickets Normal Ticket
CppCon Student Tickets 145 $ 845 $ 995 $
C++ and Beyond   3500 € 4000 €
Qt DevDays Europe   -

 3 Day Ticket (includes Training Day) 800 €

2 Day Ticket 600 €

(Prices exclude tax)

Meeting C++ Student Programm 399 €

499 €

599 €

(including tax)

Earlier/future Conferences      
C++Now   - 699 $
ACCU 2015 235 £ 640 £*

735 £*

*Members get ~100 £ off.


999 €

(excluding tax)

As you see the price range for conferences varies highly. If you're not from the country the conference is in, the tax might get skipped. Also where I did not mention the tax, that might be added.

As I do organize a conference, I have a little insight, so some words on the price range. Most attendees are send by companies to the conference, to receive training. So for one, ticket prices reflect that, but also, if you make the ticket price cheaper, you get to the conflict of raising funds. After all the costs for the conference have to be covered some how. This can be done by sponsoring, adding booth space so companies can exhibit their products. At Meeting C++ I use the sponsoring money to cover some of the costs that come before the conference or ticket sales start, while most of the conference it self is funded by attendees. This ensures that the conference it self stays independent and is focused on the content for the attendees. Of course a higher ticket price gives you an advantage, what you can never do with a lower price: you can give higher discounts.

So you should really think about visiting those conferences, you'll have a great time for sure!

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