C++ Conferences this fall

published at 01.09.2013 17:27 by Jens Weller

As holiday season is coming to an end, lets have a look at the upcoming C++ Conferences. This fall offers a few special events, with great C++ content. But before listing them and writing about, a short paragraph about why you should visit one of these events.

Why should you visit a C++ Conference?

This is a very good question, especially as videorecording or livestreams are available. So technically, you just could watch the stuff that is of you interest on the web live or later. But having visited various conferences, I can tell you, thats not the same! Sitting in the room and able to reflect with others on the talk or asking questions afterwards, is a hole lot different. Also, being at a conference means, that you will get a lot of input in 1-3 days, you are able to watch 5-7 great talks each day, if multiple tracks are available, you'll even have a choice which to see next. So, any good conference will give you an overload of input, that you'll be able to use later.

Another very important point is that you meet a lot of people, from your or a different domain using C++. This way you can build up your own little network of C++ enthusiasts. You can learn a lot from the people you meet at conferences, you often share a problem, but use different solutions. Also asking the speakers for advice or thank them for their great talk. As I visited C++Now in Aspen for the first time, I suddendly ended up on a breakfirst table with Eric Niebler and a few others, talking about template stuff. And in case you are looking for a job, the network you get from a conference can very well help you finding a new or better one!

C++ Conferences this fall

Now, lets get to the point, which are the available conferences?  A short list:

So, this is the list of conferences I know about. Two are about C++, two are about Qt & C++, one is a bit special and I also listed the C++ Committee Meeting in Chicago this fall. Lets have a closer look:

Going Native

This event is just about to happen, in a few days this conference starts with a really great lineup starts. The top heads of C++ will speak and you have the choice of being live in Seattle or else in the world watching the livestream. I'm really looking forward to this, but can't make it to Seattle this time. Maybe next year. If you are from north america, think about making the trip to Seattle, with a price of 299$ this conference is really a no brainer. The conference is organized by Microsoft, and hence you will also get a lot of great content from the windows domain.

OpenMP Conference

The International Workshop on OpenMP is this year in Canberra. Its surely a very special event, but if your domain is concurrency, its worth thinking about visiting the workshop. Also, this might be your ticket to Australia, conferences can be sometimes also be a great start for a holiday...


This is a very nice conference, which has a european edition in October, and a also an american in November. I've visited the QtDevDays in Europe already 3 times, and it was always a very good expierence. Of course this conference focuses heavily on Qt, and this year especially on Qt5. If you are interested in Qt, then this is a very good conference to go to.

Meeting C++ 2013

Well, this is my own conference, so I'm slightly biased... %) I've created this conference last year, because I thought that - at least in europe - such a conference did not exist, where the community could come and focus on the language. I try to be independent with Meeting C++, so all the costs for this conference have to covered by the ticket sales. Meeting C++ 2013 focuses on heavy C++ content, there are talks about C++11, C++14/C++1y, boost, Qt and a few others. The themetrack focuses this year on UI & Apps. Opening Keynote by Eric Niebler and closing Keynote by Tony van Eerd.

C++ and beyond

This is the only conference which decided to cut down the number of attendees from last year. This year have been only 64 Tickets available, also this event is very special. There are only 3 Speakers, which also organize this event. 3 Titans of C++ giving an exclusive view on their thoughts about C++. This is a very unique event, and as there only 64 seats, its already sold out for quite some time.


Lets see what you'd have to pay to go to one of these conferences, a short listing of their tickets:

Event early Birdtickets full Ticket
Going Native - 299$

International OpenMp Workshop

$ = Australian Dollar in this case

450$ 530$/610$(late)
QtDevDays Europe -

550 € + tax (2 day conference)

700 € + tax (+ training day )

QtDevDays America



749$ (2 day conference)

999$ (+ training day)

Meeting C++ 2013 399 €

499 € (419.13 without tax)

799 € Supporter Ticket

C++ and Beyond   Sold out.
Earlier conferences    
C++Now 599$ 699$
ADC - 999€ + tax

As you see the pricerange for conferences varies highly. If you're not from the country the conference is in, the tax might get skipped. Also where I did not mention the tax, that might be added.

As I do organize a conference, I have a little insight, so some words on the price range. Most attendees are send by companies to the conference, to receive training. So for one, Ticketprices reflect that, but also, if you make the ticketprice cheaper, you get to the conflict of raising funds. After all the costs for the conference have to be covered some how. This can be done by sponsoring, adding booth space so companies can exibit their products. At Meeting C++ I use the sponsoring money to cover some of the costs that come before the conference or ticketsales start, while most of the conference it self is funded by attendees. This ensures that the conference it self stays independend and is focused on the content for the attendees. Of course a higher ticketprice gives you an advantage, what you can never do with a lower price: you can give higher discounts.

So you should really think about visiting those conferences, you'll have a great time for sure!