Meeting C++ 2013

published at 12.11.2013 17:34 by Jens Weller

Meeting C++ 2013 was a blast, and for me a huge success. With over 200 people visiting the conference, it was a lot bigger then last years conference! With 21 Talks in 3 Tracks and 2 keynotes, the conference has evolved into a format, which I'd like to keep for the coming years.

A quick thank you to my gold sponsors:

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And my silver sponsors:

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Sponsoring has been always a great help to get the conference started, so thank you for helping me in succeeding with Meeting C++ this and last year!


This years event area, as you can see at the schedule, featured a full room for the keynotes, and two rooms for the site tracks A and C. The B Track was the popular voted track taking place in the same room as the keynotes. Both keynotes were great, while Eric Niebler gave a motivating speach on how to develope better libraries in C++11, Tony van Eerd gave a very inspirational keynote, mixed with code, art and poetry.

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Picking the right talks was this year all but easy. I was glad that I had the committee doing a vote on all talks, and I have decided to let also the attendees vote for next years conference. The best voted 7 talks then will again become the popular track. This years theme track was about UI, Apps and Tooling, in which for example Nick Smith gave a talk about developing cross platform apps and games:


The focus of the conference was of course also this year on C++, most talks focused either at C++11/14 or on using C++ in certain ways, some talks were also boost related. One of the best talks that I missed I think was using C++11 in the embedded domain by Rainer Grimm:


There are some plans for the future of this conference. As I'd like to continue to evolve the conference and give people the opportunity to visit it, I realised this year, that maybe I need to move the conference into a location, where I can stay for more then one year. With more then 60 new attendees this year, I have reached or passed the capacity of most locations in my area. Also, with having a fair in parallel this year, Hotelspace might soon become a problem for my attendees. So, I decided to think about the options on moving the conference. I currently favor Berlin, as I know a fitting location and have a possible partner for the logistics (I'm not moving to Berlin after all) and another partner for the studentprogram. Which is the other great plan for next year, I'd like to get in cooperation with some sponsors a Meeting C++ Studentprogramm running. The plan is to get around 50 students to the conference!


Above you see this years break area, think-cell sponsored the cold drinks this year, and was integrated with their lounge into the break area. I hope for the coming years to be able again to have a more central break area again as last year. But finding a perfect location is next to impossible if you'll plan an event for over 200 people.

Meeting C++ in 2014

Before the closing keynote I gave a short update on my future plans for Meeting C++:


I used to be a freelancer for C++, then got involved in the User Groups and started the conference last year. So, for the future I will try to concentrate on teaching C++ and giving trainings for Qt & C++. With Meeting C++ 2013 being sold out, I know that I can continue with Meeting C++ in the future, and have already started planning next years conference. This year is so far a huge success, while last year my site had only 21200 visitors, its already > 135000 visitors this year. April and September had more traffic then 2012. So, the success of this years conference ensures next years, and that I will continue with the series on the Standardization Papers.

For the conference the plan is the following:

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