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Director of Engineering, Vehicle SW (C++ Leader)

published at 23.09.2020 08:38

Location: Japan (remote start)

Senior Software Engineer, Nuke

published at 21.09.2020 08:44

Location: United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer, Nuke - Core Performance

published at 18.09.2020 12:59

Location: London

Senior Software Engineer, Video And Camera File Formats

published at 17.09.2020 12:11

Location: United Kingdom

C++ developer in Berlin. 120 000 euro per year

published at 20.08.2020 10:12

Location: Berlin

C++ Software Engineer - High Frequency Trading

published at 12.08.2020 07:53

Location: London

C++ Developer in New York

published at 10.08.2020 22:03

Location: New York

C++ Software Developer in Mexico

published at 24.07.2020 09:08

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Software Engineer C/C++ & Rust

published at 22.07.2020 15:44

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

[german] Product owner for Monitoring Tool in Dresden

published at 14.07.2020 15:52

Location: Dresden

Develop cross-platform GUI applications with the Qt framework (summer internship)

published at 14.06.2020 21:28

Location: Bergamo

C++ 17 Developer (Varying Seniority)

published at 01.06.2020 14:34

Location: Dresden

Software Developer in Qt/QML in Munich

published at 21.02.2020 16:02

Location: Munich

C++ developer at think-cell, Berlin

published at 30.01.2020 15:45

Location: Berlin

Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

published at 13.01.2020 14:49

Location: Zug

C++ Developer with Qt experience - Austria - 6+ Months

published at 10.01.2020 15:41

Location: Styria, Austria

Embedded Software Engineer for high-end 3D cameras

published at 26.11.2019 15:19

Location: Oslo, Norway

Senior Computer Vision Engineer for high-end 3D cameras

published at 22.11.2019 10:51

Location: Oslo, Norway

C++ Software Engineer (GUI development in Qt/QML)

published at 22.11.2019 10:49

Location: Winterthur, Switzerland

HPC Software Engineer

published at 22.11.2019 10:48

Location: London


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