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Need a C++ Team Lead here on the ground!

published at 18.07.2023 15:35

Location: Mainz, Germany

Company: LADE GmbH

Relocation Level: Country

Develop technology for a climate-neutral future

Who is LADE

We founded LADE because climate protection affects all of us. Waiting is no longer an option. For us, the founding of the company is a statement: This situation requires our full commitment.

In order to achieve our goal, we combine expertise from electrical engineering, smart IT, e-mobility and software development. As entrepreneurs, developers, nerds and founders with a green heart, we invest our decades of experience in a world that will still be liveable in the future.

We make charging easy. For everyone.

Scalable, highly automated, compliant with calibration law: LADE is your solution for the professional operation of charging infrastructure.

Who are we looking for

Yes, we are looking only for someone being on the ground here in Mainz, Germany (or in the greater Frankfurt area).

For our C++ Scrum team, which is creating the latest e-mobility charger hardware and software, we are looking for a team lead with strong technical and development background.

The current team is a five head team - four developers and one Product Owner - two of them working fully remote, and the rest here in the office. The challenge we are facing is making sure the team comminicates well, stays focussed on the important tasks to get stuff done and identifying potential bottlenecks.

Required skills: 


Job Tasks:

Why you should work with us

We develop cutting-edge technology to accelerate the energy transition with the help of e-mobility. Our approach combines electrical engineering, smart IT, software development and AI.

Do you like to break new ground, are you results-oriented and not afraid of big tasks? Then you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to getting to know you!

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