think-cell joins the gold sponsors

published at 24.07.2017 12:31

Today, I can announce, that think-cell returns also in this year as a gold sponsor to the conference! They are one of only two long time sponsors!

Announcing the Student & Accessibility Tickets!

published at 18.07.2017 11:18

This is the 4th year where Meeting C++ is offering free tickets for students. Since last year, there is also a contingent for the underrepresented and those, not able to afford a Meeting C++ ticket. Travel and accomondation is not covered.

Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017 - Part II

published at 17.07.2017 12:08

A short update on the program of Meeting C++ 2017!

Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 10.07.2017 11:07

Last week the decisions for who could speak at Meeting C++ 2017 was made, and the selected candidates were contacted. Here is a little overview on talks and speakers for this years conference. There is a few speakers which haven't reacted yet, hope to share these talks soon too.

The first silver Sponsor: KDAB

published at 06.07.2017 11:10

The first silver sponsor of Meeting C++ 2017 is KDAB! KDAB is one of only two all time sponsors, being on the conference since 2012!

Meeting C++ 2017 voting results

published at 03.07.2017 15:09

Time for a short overview on this years voting for the program of Meeting C++ 2017! Its been awesome to see 206 ppl vote on the 97 submitted talks, a great program is taking shape. This is the voting average graph for 2017:

Meeting C++ live returns this Wednesday!

published at 03.07.2017 11:52

After a longer break, Meeting C++ live will return this Wednesday on 18:00 CET. With Tony van Eerd as a guest, the topic will be C++17 in examples! Tony is a long time boost fellow and has worked across the Industry with C++, he also gave the closing keynote at Meeting C++ 2013! Currently he is working on advanced projector technology. Also he shared his thoughts and haikus on twitter.

A new gold sponsor: the Qt Company

published at 03.07.2017 11:31

I'm happy to start this week with the announcement of a new gold sponsor: the Qt Company!

C++ User Group Meetings in July 2017

published at 02.07.2017 15:46

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Even as Summer hits with July, still way over 30 User Groups are meeting world wide this month!

The second gold sponsor: JetBrains

published at 28.06.2017 11:07

Today I can announce that JetBrains is returning to Meeting C++ in its 3rd year of sponsorship! They are the second company to go for gold this year!

The first gold sponsor: Vector

published at 27.06.2017 16:03

The first company to become a sponsor for this years conference is Vector, an embedded and automotive software company from Stuttgart, Germany:

Meeting C++ 2017: Call for Sponsors

published at 26.06.2017 16:14

Like in the last 5 years, the Meeting C++ conference is looking for companies willing to support the conference through sponsoring! There is also the limited option of presenting your company at the conference with a booth!

A new record in submissions!

published at 09.06.2017 11:57

With 97 submissions from 75 speakers for Meeting C++ 2017, there is a new record on talks submitted for the Meeting C++ conference!

C++ User Group Meetings in June 2017

published at 02.06.2017 15:03

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Again, in Summer time, many C++ User Groups meet to share an evening full of C++ with their local community!

One more week to submit your talks!

published at 31.05.2017 15:58

Reaching out for new speakers at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 10.05.2017 11:22

Maybe you can help in an ongoing effort for the C++ Community...

The ticketshop and more is open for Meeting C++ 2017!

published at 04.05.2017 15:15

Traditionally, the things start for the Meeting C++ conference in April, with announcements and opening of the ticket shop. This is a bit different this year, as some restructuring and reorganisation goes on behind the scenes. And this takes a bit long then planned, so thats why some things this year are a bit more delayed then in the previous years.

C++ User Group Meetings in May 2017

published at 01.05.2017 14:26

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group Meetings. Lots of meeting are already planned for May, even more should be announced in the coming weeks.

Get your tickets for Meeting C++ 2017 - soon...

published at 26.04.2017 11:19

April is almost over, but the ticketshop for Meeting C++ 2017 is still not open? Whats the issue? Well, things are a bit different this year, as I move things into a new company, called Meetingcpp GmbH, and this takes a bit longer then anticipated. The ticketshop should open in May, maybe already next week.

Call for Talks for Meeting C++ 2017

published at 12.04.2017 16:09

You have until June 1st to submit your talk to this years Meeting C++ conference! Like last week announced, this years conference is from the 9th until the 11th November. You can submit your talk here, this will also generate an edit token for you, so that you are able to edit your submission until the deadline on June 1st.