A final batch of tickets is available for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 21.10.2019 12:31 by Jens Weller

By the end of September Meeting C++ 2019 was sold out. Now a new batch of tickets is available.

Selling out in late September was really early, and not even I did see this coming. Since then only sponsors were able to get a few more attendees in, and now the final batch of tickets is available. Its more then I thought, as the andels is able to hold even more attendees then I thought. Previously I thought we'd have to stream the keynotes to another, overflow room, but this is not needed now. In total we could be 747 attendees at the end if all tickets sell.

And as the waiting list was already filled pretty well, I think this is going to happen. The tickets are on sale since Friday, so the first are already gone. The tickets are going to be available until next week only! As then the badges have to go into print to.

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