A first view on the talks and speakers of Meeting C++ 2022

published at 10.08.2022 15:00 by Jens Weller
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I'm excited to release this update for Meeting C++ 2022: the talks and speakers for this years conference!

As you can see in the talk listing, this is still an ongoing process, getting the speaker pictures from the new speakers for this year will still take a while. Creating the schedule will also take a few weeks, as of now Tracks A and B are planned on site, with Tracks C and D being part of the online part.

Meeting C++ will be hosting 11 Talks per Track, and 4 Tracks in total. So get your tickets now!

The selection is harder and more complicated in this year

As July ended also the voting came to a closing. With that, the work on this years program begun, normally the voting has a stronger guidance here, but with this years conference being the 10 year anniversary and - sadly - still having to plan for the pandemic. And basically submitting a talk for online only did get you to the conference this year, as other speakers not chosing that option seem to dislike speaking online partly. So I'm rather on the safe side here. So in a certain way, I've been picking from both ends of the spectrum this year.

Speaking about the pandemic, I'd like to also say thank you to those that supported Meeting C++ with talks in the last two years, especially in 2021 when the conference was an online event.

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