Adding Ask me Anything to Meeting C++ 2020

published at 29.09.2020 11:16 by Jens Weller
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Some news on Meeting C++ 2020! Attendees will be able to attend AMA sessions with...

During CppCon I noticed how well AMA sessions went and that they are a great feature for an online conference. And for some time I knew that this years conference has some extra space for content due to its online nature.

So with today I can announce that Bjarne Stroustrup and Hana Dusíková have agreed to answer your questions! I might have a 3rd AMA session, which would make it 1 per day, but that will be announced later. Its an important addition to the schedule, as the last two keynotes will be moved to the evening to accomondate the keynote speakers on the US Westcoast. But I'll talk about these upcoming changes later.

For now, I am happy to have added a great format for this years mostly online version of Meeting C++ to the program, and found two great personalities for you to think about asking the right questions. Bjarne Stroustrup did create C++ and has been involved since then in its evolution and also teached C++ for many years. And did you know that Hana taught courses on Data Structures, Computability and Complexity, and Formal Languages and Automata in University? She is today known for her great talks on metaprogramming and implementing a constexpr Regex library in C++, while also being active in the C++ committee, where she chairs SG7.

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