Announcing Meeting C++ 2021 online conference!

published at 05.05.2021 13:34 by Jens Weller
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Finally I can announce the official start of this years conference with the begin of the call for talks and the first batch of tickets available!

Meeting C++ 2021 will be from 10th - 12th November (Wed- Fri) and 100% online. Thats different from last year, when part of the planning always had to keep in mind that a hybrid event might become the "better" format due to venue contracts. This was one of the reasons last years conference was single track. Like every year the conference will run under Berlin Code of Conduct.

Keynotes & Program

I can't announce yet any keynotes. I do think about having no keynotes and only AMAs for this year, with more space for talks. Meeting C++ online has shown which formats work online, and which don't. So this years conference will be a mix of usual talks and other formats for the attendees. The call for talks will go until the end of June, you can already submit your talk!


The early bird tickets are now available for 99 Euro, and will be available until the end of the call for talks exclusively in the ticket shop. As my work for Meeting C++ is funded mostly through the ticket sales for the conference, I am not able to go below this price. But Student & Support tickets will be available again this year.

Online Platform

I have not yet made a decision on which platform(s) will be used for the conference. I hope to make a decision in summer and be able to host a few meetings of Meeting C++ online on potential platforms. Currently remo and a few other platforms are candidates, I'd prefer a platform that allows you to see the chat/stream with out switching/testing your microphone and webcam. Still I want to offer a socializing space for the community that values this part.

Why not onsite?

Let me quickly give you some insights why I prefer to host an online conference in this year. I've canceled this years contract for free while I could do that in 2020. Signing a new contract for 2021 would mean taking a very high risk and I still would have the large overhead of hosting a hybrid event. This also means manage who speaks onsite, online and dealing with all the technical details as overhead for a potentially small onsite conference. It would complicate a lot of things, and all with the risk of now knowing what rules and other measures will apply to the conference.

So for 2021 I have decided not to take the risk of hosting in a venue, in a still ongoing pandemic, even if by then most attendees would probably be vaccinated. I'd rather take the risk in 2022, to host the 10 year anniversary of Meeting C++!

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