Announcing the next online C++ job fair

published at 14.04.2021 15:08 by Jens Weller

The second edition in March 2021 being a full success, I'm happy to announce the next Meeting C++ online job fair will be on May 25th & 26th!

Please join the events for this on Meeting C++ online meetup. Employers need to book one of the table options available for this event, free tables are still available as options. The event starts on May 25th with an afternoon event and continues on the evening of May 26th. Both times the event length is 3 hours.

A picture of the Meeting C++ online job fair


As mentioned above the event is now twice as long, if you want to attend both days. I want to accomondate with this folks that are unable to make it to an afternoon event, and also extend the event into a better fitting time for the timezones of North & South America.

Employers can book the following options:

All of the above options will list you on the CV upload form. As a major change employers now can fine tune the candidate profile they're looking for. While in March you could choose the candidate region, now you can choose which C++ options (as in C++11/14,boost,Qt ... think categories) and which C++ fields (as in Automotive, Embedded, Server, Telecommunication) a candidate can match against. I hope to offer with this a better matching between companies and C++ job searchers.

The default settings maximise the matching of candidates, will match for every region, C++ option and field. It is up to the employer to customize this to a more fitting matching if they want to. Both are valid strategies, maximising for screening a large number of candidates or only receiving a small subset which matches better the profile you are looking for.

Companies are now also able to add a link to their job portal, including if they would prefer candidates to submit their CV there. Though this kind of defeats the purpose of this form, as it allows a candidate to share their CV with multiple interested companies with one go. After filling out the form a canidate will see the links to the portals displayed if a matching company has given such a link. All companies still can see your submission through the portal at Meeting C++.

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