Intel joins the Gold Sponsors with the QT Software GmbH

published at 25.10.2022 13:51 by Jens Weller
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Intel returns as a Gold Sponsor to Meeting C++ 2022 with a talk and it is doing this in Partnership with their distributor QT Software GmbH!

Going back to the origins of Meeting C++, I have a history with Intel. Originally I've been doing community work for MeeGo, and there Intel was one of the companies involved. Thats also why Intel supported the conference through sponsorships in the first years!

Now fast forwarding to 2022, and Intel is now active in C++ not only with their icc compiler, but also through their oneApi initiative. With oneApi you can write code that targets many processor architectures.

Intel will also have a talk in the online section on Thursday, the talk will be about SYCL given by Guy Tamir.

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