Keynote details for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 22.10.2019 09:51 by Jens Weller
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With just a few weeks left to Meeting C++ 2019, its time for a closer look at the keynotes!

I usually only know the keynote titles, as I want keynotes to be surprises, not normal talks with detailed descriptions of what awaits the viewer.  If you'd like to see these keynotes live, a few last tickets are still on sale until next week! Some more details on the keynote speakers can be had at the earlier keynote announcement from April.

Opening Keynote: Howard Hinnant - Design Rationale for <chrono>

Howard Hinnant

Howard Hinnant is the author of <chrono>, his keynote title hints at we get a walk through on how to design chrono and maybe even time zones? I think this will be a great way to kick off this years conference.

Center Keynote: Frances Buontempo - Can AI replace programmers?

Frances Buontempo

Frances Buontempo has written a book on AI and related algorithms, so we all can be looking forward to her speaking about AI and programming it self.

Closing Keynote: Walter E. Brown - Crazy Code and Crazy Coders

Walter E. Brown

Walter E. Brown has authored many proposals, giving lots of great talks on C++. This will be a great closing keynote.


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