Looking for C++ Employers for the May event!

published at 19.04.2021 12:12 by Jens Weller

Last week the 3rd online C++ job fair was announced for May 25th and 26th. Meeting C++ is looking for the right mix of employers to attract candidates!

The last event in March was a full success with 16 companies participating. Thats why I chose to extend the event to two day in its next edition, to offer more time and space for companies interested in candidates, but also to offer an event that reaches accross more timezones. As the afternoon event is great for Europe/Africa/Asia, but not so great for North/South America. With adding an evening event the next day more regions benefit from the online event.

And for this event I'm now once again looking for C++ employers and recruiters willing to participate in both or one of the events. Also being listed only in the form used to share the CVs is an option. Then you'll have the visibility on the website and receive CVs through Meeting C++. Reach out to your employer if they'd like to be present at the online C++ job fair! Interested employers should register for the event via the job fair table registration form.

The last event had a high reach into the C++ Community, with CV Submissions from 22 different countries. I expect even a better turn out for this event, as with offering two days more folks will be able to join.

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