Meeting C++ 2020 tickets for Berlin are available

published at 01.10.2020 10:55 by Jens Weller
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The tickets for onsite visits for Berlin are now on sale!

There are two different types of tickets available for this:

The first ticket is for folks from Berlin, which would like to come to the conference and don't need a hotel room. The second ticket includes a hotel room in the andels from 11th - 14th November, this is a unique offer for 2020. These tickets will also include access to the online event. The tickets will be available until the end of October! The tickets are available in the ticketshop. Earlybird tickets bought in spring stay valid for the event in Berlin too.

Covid & Meeting C++ 2020

Right now the situation is that from the perspective of today the event is feasible. Though I want to be honest with you that this is a low - medium risk event, we'll have the mandatory Covid-19 rules like social distancing and mask wearing in place. Likely more, I'll be in Berlin mid October to talk things through with the hotel. The Rubin room we'll be in is huge for the number of folks we'll be, so distancing will not be a problem. Meeting C++ and the hotel will enforce strict rules, some changes are already in place. Like that all public toilets are restricted in the number of folks visiting them at the same time. So if the light is red, you're now allowed in. There will be more details on this once we get closer to the event date, as everything is a moving target in 2020.

The conference in Berlin will be a unique event this year, and if you are willing to take the risk, I'm happy to see you in Berlin. Attending the event online is of course the other option, with the Online Kombi Ticket you'll be able to visit the 3 online events of Meeting C++ this year.

In case the event does not happen in Berlin, it will happen online. Your ticket will stay valid for the online event.

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