New Website

published at 17.09.2017 23:13

Last Thursday I decided it was time to switch to the new website. All important milestones were met, the old content I still wanted to be around was imported, and the last blocking feature - the system for listing talks and speakers was finally working. Still it took some time longer then planned to iron out some bugs, and get all css working the way I wanted.

The new website is static HTML Page, all pages are generated as actual HTML, there is no dynamic script like PHP running. It is based on my own CMS, which I started writing over two years ago. I wanted to be in full control over the website, its HTML/CSS/JS, but also over the tools creating it. I was stuck with a certain CMS version for some time, as certain features that I used were not supported in newer CMS Versions. And so I decided it would make more sense to spend time writing a new CMS, rather then learning and porting to a new CMS Version every 2-3 years. I estimated it would take about a year, but actually underestimated the amount of code necessary to power all features.

Missing is still the part from past conferences, I will have to import this data later after Meeting C++ 2017, as my main focus in the coming weeks is the upcoming conference, or other conference related travel.

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