Schedule Update

published at 26.10.2018 11:40 by Jens Weller

With this schedule update, Talks and Speakers are linked to their info/profile pages and the lounge track is now visible.

New Schedule

A few weeks ago the first version of the new schedule was released, its now based on CSS Grid instead of HTML <table>s. With this the schedule is more dynamic and resizes according to screen space. The Floorplan was added, and some tweaks were made. The Lounge Track which used to start in the breaks now is a track of its own, featuring 11 different topics to skip a talk for.

Keynote titles

With this the titles of the 3 keynotes can be announced:

Lounge Track

For the last two years Meeting C++ was experimenting with offering something else in parallel to the talks. First in 2016 introduced, the lounge was used during the breaks for discussions and meetings of different topics and communities in C++. Since last year most of them carried on for the whole following session, so that is makes sense to have this as a track of its own.

This years lounge track consists of meetings for:

The lounge track starts with a social meetup, so everyone who'd like to also get to know new folks at the conference is welcome. The Qt meeting will have a special guest this year: Lars Knoll will visit the conference! The second day starts with a meeting on job search and hiring in C++. The last new spot goes to teaching in C++, with making this a full track of its own, three new topics can be hosted.

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