A Coding Dojo for Meeting C++

published at 26.08.2014 12:22 by Jens Weller
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I've just added something new to this years Meeting C++ schedule: a coding dojo.

Shortly after the announcement of this years conference Sven Johannsen and Detlef Wilkening approached me at a user group meeting, if it would be possible to include a coding dojo into Meeting C++. coding dojos are fun, and we already had two at my own user group, so I liked the idea. But first wanted to see how the general audience would vote on it as part of the talks.

The Idea was received well, but couldn't get high enough to justify a talk session being used. So, now the coding dojo will be placed in the lunch break of the first day. As this break is a bit longer anyway, you are able to have lunch and participate in the coding dojo. It will be moderated by Detlef Wilkening and Sven Johannsen.

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