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published at 26.10.2014 15:35 by Jens Weller
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When I began to read the proposals for C++ last year, I had the idea to write a tool to have a better view on the proposals. The original idea was to more or less download the proposals, stick them in a database and make them in this way search able. Later I imagined, that I also could create dependency graphs, like my tool for boost show cased.

Later I gave up on this idea, because its simply to much work, even if having such a tool would be really, really nice. Yet, a few building blocks of this tool do exist, namely a crawler that is able to read the HTML tables of open-std.orgs C++ paper listings.

When I started the proposal series for Urbana on my blog, I remembered, that I had this crawler, and that I could use it for a different task. I list in this series now for quite some time all proposals by subgroup, which is better then to simply follow the numbering scheme. That way all papers of one field are together in the blog. Yet, I have to search them one after another, and then write the blog entry. So, when starting the series for Urbana, I oversaw the last 5 concurrency entries some how late at night. Yesterday I realized, that I easily could generate the listing for each subgroup, and then would just have to add the overview for each paper.

While doing so, I realized, that this different kind of listing would be really interesting to have, not just on the blog, and as my crawler reads all of the papers listed at a page, I can now give to you an alternative listing of this years C++ proposals, by mailing, then by subgroup. Enjoy!

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