A new record in submissions!

published at 09.06.2017 11:57 by Jens Weller

With 97 submissions from 75 speakers for Meeting C++ 2017, there is a new record on talks submitted for the Meeting C++ conference!

Reaching out was a success

Earlier in May, I reached out to broaden the field of speakers for this years Meeting C++ conference. I wanted a more diverse set of topics for talks and also motivate new voices to start speaking. This was a sucess, many great submissions from new voices which could be heard at Meeting C++. I have decided to make this one of our tracks in this years conference, new voices for C++.

Voting & decision

While I have a feeling which talks could be good to see at the conference, the general decision and guidance to which talks get accepted, is done by the community. The voting will start within June, once everything is setup. All attendees of this years and past Meeting C++ conferences will be able to vote. The voting it self is randomized, and for most its anonymously, e.g. speaker information is hidden. For my staff and past speakers, speaker information is visible though.

The final decision is then going to be made at the beginning of July. But with only ~33 slots available, its almost 3 submissions for one slot.

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