A new silver sponsor: biicode

published at 03.11.2014 10:43 by Jens Weller

I am very happy to welcome another silver sponsor: biicode

../../../files/mcpp/sponsoren/biicode.jpgBiicode is a Spanish start up building a dependency manager for C++. With biicode you can just add a dependency to your project, the library is then build and downloaded by the dependency manager. Its even possible to use biicode for Arduino and Raspberry Pi! Biicode has also a very interesting blog about C++ and how biicode can help you in your daily projects.

And in their own words:

Biicode joins the sponsorship of Meeting C++ because we belong to the C++ community, we have created a tool that we believe is useful and we want to promote it amongst pro C++ devs and receive precious feeback from them.

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