A very special Sponsorship: CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation

published at 27.10.2014 12:19 by Jens Weller
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Today I can announce a very special sponsorship: CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation has joined Meeting C++ as a long time sponsor! The Standard C++ Foundation is for this and the coming years the keynote sponsor for Meeting C++, last year this was BlackBerry.

Back in 2012, Meeting C++ and isocpp.org, the Standard C++ Foundations website, got started. Both share a common goal: to support C++ and its community. Meeting C++ has helped the founding of a European network for C++, growing from 2 user groups in 2011 to 25 user groups in 2014. With isocpp.org, CppCon and Meeting C++ we want to bring this now to a global level.

Which brings me to what role CppCon has in this sponsorship. The CppCon is the official conference of the Standard C++ Foundation, and similar to Meeting C++ it is a great, community driven C++ Conference. Both share to have their roots in C++Now. While I was at CppCon, people already recognized Meeting C++ as its European counter part. But Europe has a very versatile C++ conference scene, with usingstdcpp in Madrid, Accu in Bristol, ADC in Bavaria, NDC next year in London, and Meeting C++ in Berlin. So Europe has a vivid and growing scene of C++ conferences!

So CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation is now a long time Keynote & Platinum Sponsor of Meeting C++!

I also asked Herb Sutter about a statement why the Standard C++ Foundation and CppCon is sponsoring Meeting C++, so here is Herbs statement:

CppCon and the Standard C++ Foundation want to support Meeting C++’s great work of fostering C++ in Europe, from the Meeting C++ conference itself to its with incubating and encouraging a growing number of C++ user groups all across Europe.

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