Announcing diversity tickets for Meeting C++ 2016

published at 19.09.2016 07:49 by Jens Weller

This is something new for Meeting C++, I am finally able to offer diversity tickets for this years conference. This is possible through the help of the Travis Foundation and their initiative. Like the student program, I decided to make 25 tickets available for this.

When I thought about the student program, I made a few decisions, which reflected on the options available to handle such a program. I liked always the idea of also offering diversity tickets, but personally do not have the resource to run such a program. Also I think I'm the wrong person to decide who is and who is not entitled to be part of such a program. The next weeks will already be full of deadlines and work for the conference, so finding a partner for this is really great.

Diversity tickets details

The whole program is handled by the Travis Foundation, you can apply here for your diversity ticket. You should apply, if you are a part of a group underrepresented at C++ conferences such as Meeting C++ 2016. The Travis Foundation defines this group as such in their FAQ:

If you feel like you are a member of an underrepresented group in tech — this includes, but is not limited to: people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, women and disabled people — and agree to our Terms and Conditions, that makes you eligible for a diversity ticket.

The selection will be similar to the student program, based on a random selection if more then 25 people apply. This selection will be done by the foundation, your personal details are not shared with me, except your name and email, which is necessary for handing your attendance at Meeting C++.

Like in the student program, the ticket does not include accomondation or travel.


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