Announcing Meeting C++ 2014 Conference

published at 19.02.2014 11:06 by Jens Weller
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Finally I can announce this years Meeting C++ conference! After last years great success, we will meet again for 2 days full of C++ in Germany this Fall: Meeting C++ 2014 will be at the 1st weekend of December (5./6.12.2014). This year the conference will move to Berlin!

A short announcement video:

Like last year, this event is organized independently, covering most its costs over the ticket sales. There will be again 3 Tracks about C++ this year, with the 3rd track being a theme track about "Scientific Programming with C++". The other two tracks will offer general C++ talks like last year. I am looking again for sponsors, and are already in contact with last years sponsors.


There are many hotels in Berlin, for the first conference in this city I have decided to host the event at the Andels Hotel. It has a very nice event area, very good modern rooms and a really nice bar for having a relaxed drink after the conference over Berlin. The layout of the conference will be like last year, well start with a opening keynote, and then follow with 3 parallel tracks of 7 talks each. The break area is like at the first year in the middle of the event area. Also lunch will be served in the break area this year, so you have no need to leave the event for food. At the end, the conference will - like last year - close with the 2nd keynote.

Talks & Call for Papers

As mentioned, I plan to stay with the layout of last year, as I think it was very good. The talks will be 60 minutes each, the keynotes ~90 minutes. This years call for papers starts with today and ends at April 20th. After this the voting on all talks (title + description only) will take place, each attendee from last year is able to vote within a 10 day period. The voting result then will guide me to decide which talks should make it to the conference.

This years theme track is "Scientific programming with C++", I hope to have a very diverse set of talk on this topic from Algebra and bioinformatics over HPC to Neural Networks an Z-Sciences? We will see. So, submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2014! The call for papers will be open till April 20th.

Meeting C++ Student Program

With this year I have the honor to introduce a sponsored Student program to the conference! More details in a few days about this, what I can already say: we plan to have 50 students on the conference this year! Students will be like normal attendees able to freely choose which talks they'd like to see.


Tickets will be soon available at the ticket shop on the website. This year there are 3 different ticket categories + the sponsored student tickets. The 3 ticket categories are:

The early bird tickets will be again available till the beginning of July, if not sold out earlier. The normal ticket is available until 6-8 weeks before the event date. After this only the late tickets are available, the reason is simple: I have to make (and pay) a lot of orders (t-shirts, badges, hotel etc.) a few weeks before the conference, and those coming late I have to charge a little extra for the extra work that is generated by them. Also, as this was last year an issue for a few attendees: please make sure to have your tickets when you book your flights and hotel! Yes this happened to a few people, so check with your company if everything is correctly booked!


There is a chance to present your company at Meeting C++! Sponsoring adds an extra value to the conference, the break area has space for several booths. Also I'm open to other sponsoring options like organizing evening evening events. Please contact me for further details on sponsoring.

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