Announcing Meeting C++ 2016

published at 30.03.2016 10:58 by Jens Weller
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Finally I can announce this years Meeting C++ conference! For the 5th time the european and international C++ Community will meet on a Friday and Saturday to celebrate C++!

The Facts

We will meet from the 18th to 19th November at the Andels Hotel in Berlin, like the last two years. Yet the event will be quite different this time, as it will also take place in the underground part of the Event Area. I expect 600 Attendees, much more then we had last year.

The call for papers is open until May 27th, you already can submit your talk to the conference. This years theme track is #gamedev, to honor the work of SG14. The talk voting will be in June and by end of June the program should be fully online. Again, like in the last years, the voting result will help me pick the right talks for the program.

I am also honored to announce, that this years opening keynote will be given by Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++!
I am looking forward to have Bjarne for the first time ever at Meeting C++!

I can't say anything about the student program yet, we might have it again this year.


Tickets are already available, you can order your early bird ticket simply by contacting me, or soon at the ticket shop on the website. This year there are 3 different ticket categories. The 3 ticket categories are:

The early bird tickets will be again available until the beginning of July, but are likely to sell out earlier like last year. The normal ticket is available until the end of September. After this only the late tickets are available, if the event is not already sold out again, the reason is simple: I have to make (and pay) a lot of orders (t-shirts, badges, hotel etc.) a few weeks before the conference, and those coming late I have to charge a extra for the extra work that is generated by them. Also, as this was last year an issue for a few attendees: please make sure to have your tickets when you book your flights and hotel! Yes this happened to a few people, so check with your company if everything is correctly booked!


There is a chance to present your company at Meeting C++! Sponsoring adds an extra value to the conference, the break area has space for several booths. Also Sponsors receive a 40% discount for joining the Meeting C++ Recruiting Service. Also I'm open to other sponsoring options like organizing evening events. Please contact me for further details on sponsoring.

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