Announcing the Meeting C++ Recruiting Service!

published at 29.01.2015 14:28 by Jens Weller
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A long time in the making, a lot of thinking about what is the correct format to do, and now finally having setup all things, I can announce the start of the Meeting C++ Recruiting Service!

The goal of Meeting C++ has always been to create a network for C++, in Europe and world wide. With over 20 active User Groups, 3 very successful conferences, this goal has now been reached. Now, I would like to integrate companies better into this network. Meeting C++ Recruiting is a service that aims at better connecting the C++ programmers, who are looking for a job, with those companies who are actively looking for talented C++ Programmers.

Publishing your available C++ Jobs at Meeting C++ remains free, but the option to be listed as an employer and to receive the CVs send to Meeting C++ are now added as additional options to improve visibility to the C++ community of your company. Also, as a company, this gives you the option to show that you support Meeting C++.

At the start, both Bloomberg and think-cell are already participating in the program, so if you are looking for a challenging C++ job, there are open positions in San Francisco, New York, London or Berlin!

Meeting C++ Recruiting for Companies

You, as a company get the chance to be visible as an employer at Meeting C++! Which gives you direct exposure to the core C++ community and will help you to find the,

If you want to have your company listed at Meeting C++, please contact me (info <├Ąt> meetingcpp com), listing might take a few days.

Meeting C++ recruiting for job searching

If you are looking for a job, please prepare your CV and send it to me. I then will forward it to the companies. Those who are interested in employing you will then simply contact you. Also, you can simply look through the employer listing, and see if you find a matching company you'd like to contact for open positions.

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