Announcing Meeting C++ 2017

published at 05.04.2017 16:27 by Jens Weller
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Finally I am able to announce this years Meeting C++ conference! It will be the first time that Meeting C++ is 3 days instead of two, spawning from Thursday until Saturday.

The Facts

We will meet from the 9th to 11th November at the Andels Hotel in Berlin, like the last years. But this time you get 1/3 more out of your days in Berlin. I expect 600 Attendees, like last year.

The call for papers is open until June 1st, you already can submit your talk to the conference. Unlike the past years, there is no theme track. The talk voting will be in June and by end of June the program should be fully online. Again, like in the last years, the voting result will help me pick the right talks for the program.


Tickets are not yet available, you can reserve your early bird ticket simply by contacting me, or soon at the ticket shop on the website. The 3 ticket categories are:

The early bird tickets will be again available until the beginning of July, but most likely will sell out earlier (like in the last years.) The normal ticket is available until the end of September. After this only the late tickets are available, if the event is not already sold out again. Also, as this was last year an issue for a few attendees: please make sure to have your tickets when you book your flights and hotel! Yes this happened to a few people, so check with your company if everything is correctly booked!

There will be also again a student program and accessibility tickets. More details on this soon, for now: the student program will have similar rules like last years, but the age requirement will be removed. The accessibility ticket is to offer access to the conference to all those, that can't attend the conference otherwise. It will replace last years diversity ticket program.


For the first time Meeting C++ will have 3 Keynotes. Two of them are currently already set, the third one, no decision yet:


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