Announcing the Student & Accessibility Tickets!

published at 18.07.2017 11:18 by Jens Weller

This is the 4th year where Meeting C++ is offering free tickets for students. Since last year, there is also a contingent for the underrepresented and those, not able to afford a Meeting C++ ticket. Travel and accomondation is not covered.

Student program

The student program offers 25 students the chance to visit Meeting C++ 2017. Please bring your Student ID to the registration at the conference. The only restriction to the student program is, that you are actually a student. The age requirement from last year is removed, as this is now covered by the accessibility program.

Accessibility program

The accessibility program is the follow up on last years diversity tickets. These tickets are for all those who need a little support to be able to come to the event. I found the feedback from the C++ community very important. Which was, that attendance of people not able to afford tickets should be the goal of the support.

Still, Meeting C++ keeps committed to support diversity and inclusion in the C++ community. Like last year, the lounge track will include a meetup on diversity in C++, reaching out to other communities has made this years submissions, speakers and talks a bit more diverse then in the past.

Like the student program, the accessibility program offers 25 tickets, which will be chosen randomly from all applicants. Both programs will run until October 15th.

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