Both Keynotes from Meeting C++ 2015 are online!

published at 21.12.2015 16:03 by Jens Weller
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Great news: Since yesterday, both of the keynotes from this years Meeting C++ conference are on youtube! Both keynote speakers chose to speak on a specific topic, and delivered very well. There is also a playlist for Meeting C++ 2015.

Opening Keynote: Understanding Compiler Optimization

Again, like in the last years, there were two great keynotes at Meeting C++. Chandler Carruth choose to speak on optimization, his keynote really went into the details of LLVMs IR and how the optimizer turns your code into even better code. Also, the talk is highly relevant, even if you are not using clang. Chandler used the full 2 hours to turn us into optimization experts, and also answered lots of questions live on stage!

Closing Keynote: Creating intuitive APIs

The closing keynote this year was given by Lars Knoll, who has been for several years now the Qt Chief Maintainer, Lars chose to speak on "Creating intuitive APIs". He used Qt as an example, and could show how the API evolved from Qt3 to todays Qt5. He shared many good points on how to improve your code base, and which rules apply to object oriented C++. His talk is a must view for anyone working with Qt or other highly object oriented C++ code bases.


More Videos soon!

I am going to start with uploading the talks of the conference soon after christmas. Encoding in webm/VP9 is more then 50% smaller in size then it is with h264, which is important, as my uplink is not the fastest, so this saves me 50% of upload time. I hope to be able to release 3-4 videos a week next year, the recordings of the A Track need heavy editing, as mostly the speaker only was recorded. So I can only do this for the talks I have the slides for.

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