C++ User Group Meetings in February 2014

published at 31.01.2014 10:56 by Jens Weller

Even more C++ user groups are meeting in February, and a few user groups are new too. More then two years ago, in December 2011, I started my own C++ user group in Düsseldorf, now in most parts of germany a C++ user group exists or is in its planning stage.

So starting Meeting C++, one of my goals and dream was, to create a european network for C++. I think we are now at the beginning of this. There are a few new user groups, some of them even will meet in February for the first time. There is now a russian C++ users group organizing meetings in St. Peterburg and Moscow. In Germany, the C++ user group Munich has met in January for the first time, with over 50 people attending the first meeting. In February the user groups of Aachen and Dortmund will meet for the first time. And, already meeting last year for the first time, there is now a dutch C++ users group!

C++ User Group Meetings in February

In February 10 C++ user groups will meet in Europe:

So, most meetings are in February in Europe, at least the ones I could find. Also, from 10. - 15th February there is the C++ Committee meeting in Issaquah.

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