C++ User Group Meetings in March 2014

published at 06.03.2014 14:04 by Jens Weller

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ user group meetings, this time for March. Also I am able to list again two new groups, one from France, one from Sweden.

So lets start with Sweden, all I know is that next Monday there is a C++11 lightning talk meeting of c++folk in Malmö. As far as I can see there was one previous meeting in November. Looks like that there is a new C++ User Group in Sweden in the making. The other new C++ User Group meets in Lyon on the 13th March. There is some activity in France since last year, with francecpp.org there is an upcoming website to support the french C++ scene and upcoming user groups. I've been in February at the first meeting of the C++ user group in Aachen, which was with around 40 people a full success, I've also heard that the Meetings in Moscow and Dortmund were very good. So it seems, that with every new month, there is more activity in Europe with C++ user groups.

An overview about the C++ user group meetings of this month:

So thats 16 C++ User Groups meeting in March. 10 in Europe, 6 in America, maybe I have overseen a few, maybe not. Some User Groups which don't meet in March will meet in April or May. And if there is no active C++ user group close by you, maybe you want to start one? Also notify me, if you would like to be listed with your user group in this series!