C++ User Group Meetings in November 2014

published at 02.11.2014 11:17 by Jens Weller
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In this month there is a new record of meetings, also a lot of new user groups have started in the last weeks! New User Groups in November are Warsaw and the Qt User Group San Francisco. Also the JUCE C++ Framework organizes two meetups this month, one in Helsinki and one in Paris. In total there are now 28 User Group meetings in November, and I'm sure a few more will be added during the month.

Also, remember, there is again at the 3rd Thursday (20th) the community planning session starting at 17:00 CET in #meetingcpp at freenode.

Also remember that in the first November Week the C++ Committee is meeting in Urbana, I started to post an overview on the C++ proposals last week.

Meetings in November

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