C++ User Group Meetings in September 2013

published at 07.09.2013 12:52 by Jens Weller

Again, this months edition of C++ User Group meetings. Its great to see how much activity there is in C++. GoingNative just ended and at the end of this month the C++ committee will meet in Chicago. Also there will be 9 Meetings of C++ user groups. The north western C++ user group meets in Seattle, and Jon Kalb organizes two meetings in the Bay Area, in Europe its the C++ user groups of London, Dresden, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin meeting.

Lets see the dates:

So, this is really a lot of active user groups, and its just the ones I know about, if you know about an active C++ user group (meeting in September) that is missing here, please contact me, so I can add it.

Regarding upcoming user groups, there is a new one in the making in wroclaw, poland. But I do not have many details to share about this, they plan to meet for the first time in October.