Call for Papers - Meeting C++ 2014

published at 19.02.2014 11:07 by Jens Weller
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After the announcement for Meeting C++ 2014 is out, also the call for papers starts. Like last year, I'm looking again for 21 talks, each an hour long. The conference will be this year at the 5th and 6th December in Berlin at the Andels Hotel.


The call for paper starts today and will end at the 20th April .So you must submit your talk until April 20th, earlier is better. I'm looking for a diverse set of talks about C++, talks about Boost, Qt, STL/C++ Standard Library, any libraries, testing, the C++ Language (C++11/14/1y) or any other C++ related topic.

Your submission must include a (meaningful) talk title and a talk description plus a description of yourself which will later be published on the website. After April 20th there will be a vote on all talks by the program committee, consisting of last years attendees.

This voting will take place in a 10 day period, the members of the program committee will only see your talk title and description, on each talk they will give a vote between 0 and 5 points. The result of the vote then will give me guidance in which topics and talks should be present at the conference.



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