Call for Papers - one more week

published at 13.04.2014 14:41 by Jens Weller
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One more week left to submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2014! So far 15 speakers have submitted 20 talks, to have at least 25 - 30 talks for the voting would be perfect. In total Meeting C++ 2014 will feature again 21 Talks and 2 keynotes.

Submit your talk

Please submit your talk over the webform, you'll only need a paragraph about yourself as a speaker, and the talk title plus 2-3 short paragraphs which describe your talk. After the call for papers ends, there will be the voting, starting this year on Easter Monday. So far almost 300 people will be able to participate in this voting, rating each talk between 1-5 points, only seeing title and description. I've spend the last days optimizing the software which acts as the back end for this event, and also handles the voting. Able to vote are the following groups:

More details on the voting next week.

Submitted talks

The already submitted talks offer a very interesting range on different C++ related topics, a short selection of already submitted talks:

As the deadline is still one more week away, I'm sure there are many more talks to come. I do know about a few talks which aren't yet submitted. I am especially still looking for talks for the theme track "Scientific programming with C++", while some very interesting talks have already been submitted, the theme track is not yet at the 7 talks it would need to fill a full track.



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