First community planning session was a full success

published at 19.09.2014 20:16 by Jens Weller

Yesterday I held the first planning session for local C++ communities at the #meetingcpp chat at freenode. Over the evening guests from Chicago, Stockholm, Argentina, France and Brazil came.

My plan is to make this a monthly online meeting, where new user groups can be planned and existing user groups can exchange and connect.

As this was the first time, and I just returned from CppCon, so I only could announce it a day before. Yet it was a good start, especially the contact to the brazilian C++ User Group is great to have.

The results

First, the parallel G+ hangout to the IRC chat has not proven useful, IRC is just better for discussions with many unknown people. So for the next time, its IRC only. It'll be at the 3rd Thursday in October, again at 17 CEST.

There seems to be an interest to start/revive the C++ User Group in Stockholm, but I don't have a contact to a possible organizer. Also the C++ User Group Lyon is looking for an organizer.

For Argentina there is now a mailing list set up, where you can join the argentinian C++ community, longterm goal is to organize local meetings or a national C++ Day.

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