Meeting C++ 2014 - Voting results

published at 05.05.2014 12:36 by Jens Weller
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The two week period for voting on the submitted talks for Meeting C++ 2014 has just ended. In total 59 people voted on all talks. The result is a very clear vote for the Top6 talks, the top talk got 251 points. The results still make it hard to pick the other talks, I expect the program to be fully online at mid of may the earliest.

The vote has now already brought the top6 talks to the conference, plus a 7th talk which I think should also be placed in the popular track, so this year popular track could look like this:

This is still subject to change, as I haven't contacted the speakers, but I think its pretty save to say that this is this years popular track. Picking the other two tracks will take some time, as I have to see which talks fit in the themetrack and out of which talk I should compose the 3rd track. The voting will give me guidance for both.

The final voting result as a bargraph, the first voted talk received 251 points and the last 113:


The voting has been a full success, 25 people voted per XML, which is also the method how last years program committee voted. The online voting tool has been a full success, 34 people choose to vote online. Like last year, there is a clear field of talks which could make it to the conference, and a clear field of down voted talks.

Lessons for 2015

With 51 talks a lot more talks then needed were submitted, so I might make the call for papers shorter for next year. The voting in this year had to be from easter till the 4th of may, next year this will be a bit better. The voting is again going to be until early may next year most likely. What I've also learned is that I have to restrict the talk descriptions for the voting a bit more, I'd like them to be informative and 2-3 paragraphs long, some people submitted a little to much text this year. Also the online tool will be for next year the only voting method.


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