Meeting C++ 2015 - all lightning talks are now online at youtube

published at 11.12.2015 16:14 by Jens Weller
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This year for the very first time we had lightning talks at the Meeting C++ conference. Two sessions with each 5 lightning talks were held. Eight of them were submitted by the attendees, two others I could organize: the lightning talk about brigand I had seen previously at CppCon, a project worth supporting, and the lightning talk on clang format and tidy by Daniel Jasper who works on the team of Chandler Carruth.

Here is the list:

  Title Slides
Vittorio Romeo `static_if` in C++14 Code
Vittorio Romeo 'Meaningful' casts Code
Odin Holmes Modern special function register abstraction Slides
Günter Obiltschnig 10 Years of POCO C++ Libraries Slides
John Melas Awaiting for string_view: creating an algorithm class using boost::string_ref Slides
Nicolai Behmann Choosing the correct vectorization method Slides
Ben Huckvale A Perfect Async RPC framework?  
Christoph Wanzke Generic Binding  
Joel Falcou & Edouard Alligand Introduction to Brigand Slides
Daniel Jasper Keep your code sane with clang-tidy  

Regarding the other videos:
I will start to work on the keynotes next, but due to an recording issue (recording mostly the speaker only...) that will take some time. Some of the talks of Track A might not get released at all due to that issue. Then the popular talks, then the rest.

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