Meeting C++ - Success!

published at 12.11.2012 10:08 by Jens Weller
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A little wrap up of the conference...

Right now I am preparing to fly to Berlin for QtDevDays, so I don't have much time to write a lot...

First thank you for attending, and I wanna thank my team in particular, which helped to make this conference a success. Also I want to thank all who gave me support for this, those who I met in Aspen, who all showed support and love for the idea, and those who quickly came on board after we went public in July. I hope, that with this conference, not only my dream has become true!

Now, quite surprisingly, I can write about results which are a direct follow up of this conference. First I'd like to announce that there will be a C++14 Standard WITH a german delegation. This did not look quite good as we started the conference, as the DIN had decided, to end all Standardisation for ISO Languages from next year on. The descision to address this before we start with our keynote, was a good one. Michael Wong, Peter Gottschling and I did talk a little bit about this topic though. Not expecting anyone to step up, and solve the situation, just trying to spread the word about it. I am still quite surprised that think-cell, a company strongly focused on C++ decided to step up, and sponsor the 10000 Euros needed to get this running again. This is really a great result, and I am proud, that we will have a chance to maybe send Peter or someone else to Bristol next year! And ofcourse, big thanks to think-cell for doing this step forward!

A second very good result is, that BlackBerry decided to sponsor our local hackerspace, which is also home to our C++ User Group, with a few BlackBerry 10 Devices and Playbooks. So, I think in the future, we will hack some cool BlackBerry Apps in Düsseldorf too!

Last but not least, a little history and some facts. I'll start with the histroy. There are two places, where this conference was "born", the first is Düsseldorf, where our local C++ User Group meets, and the second one is Aspen. Aspen gave me the confidence, that we could really succeed with a european C++ Conference. I feel honored that people compare Meeting C++ with C++Now, but also want to express my opinion, that you should not compare conferences. Also I want to tell my friends at C++Now, that I've heard from a lot of people that they have plans to visit next year aspen as well. One of them is me.

Now to the facts, we had 145 Visitors (but I don't know for sure, if all of them came), a lot of talks, there were 2 very spontanous talks: Marc Mutz gave a short wrap up about the C++11 Memory Model, and Michael Wong added to my C++ Community talk a few words about Its to early to announce any details for Meeting C++ 2013, but I'd like to say, we'll do that again! Maybe bigger and better! Another fact is, that we thought yesterday that we screwed up the videos. That may be the case in some, but as it looks like, we will be able to release some, maybe close to all. The sound issue we had with the recordings might be an issue with the Soundspeakers. But I'll get back to you on that, as soon as we start releasing the first videos to youtube. And, we will try to link to all slides, and make them available for download!

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