Meeting C++ 2013 Announcement

published at 12.03.2013 11:00 by Jens Weller
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Finally I can announce this years Meeting C++ conference! After last years great success, we will meet again for 2 days full of C++ in Germany this Fall. Meeting C++ 2013 will be again at the 2nd weekend of November (8./9.11.2013). This time the conference will take place at the Lindner Congresshotel in Düsseldorf. For this year there will be 25 Talks and up to 2 keynotes for the 250 attendees at the conference!

Like last year, this event is organized indepently, covering most its costs over the ticketprice. There will be 3 Tracks about C++ this year, with the 3rd track being a theme track about C++ and UI. Talks about Qt5, XAML, wxWidgets, GTK, Apps and QML could take place in this theme track. The other two tracks will offer general C++ talks like last year. We are looking again for sponsors, and are already in contact with last years sponsors.

The call for papers for Meeting C++ 2013 starts from today and will and with May 15th, please use the submission form for participation. The process will be a bit different then last years. Talks will be collected, and then anonymously rated by a Program Committee consisting out of community members, organizers and sponsors. All ratings will be combined and used to do the final placement in the schedule. Speakers will have the opportunity to publish an entry about their talk at our blog this year! Tickets will be available soon, starting with the early bird ticket sale. This year there will be 250 Tickets available for the conference, early bird tickets will cost 399 €, normal tickets 499 €. I plan to sell early bird tickets till the end of june, after the schedule is available for one month, or till the 100 available tickets are sold out.

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