Meeting C++ 2014: the student program

published at 28.04.2014 11:02 by Jens Weller
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I have mentioned it already several times, that Meeting C++ will have this year for the very first time a sponsored student program. So, now its finally time to announce the details...

This innovation for Meeting C++ is the work of my sponsor think-cell, which is this years exclusive student program sponsor! First Ideas already took last year shape, but too late to make it to last years conference, so think-cell and I had some time to think about how a student program should really look like. As you might remember, think-cell already sponsored the dinner at the first Meeting C++ conference, and last year the great lounge in the break area, and is also very committed to the German part of the C++ committee.

The details...

The Meeting C++ Student program will enable 50 students to attend Meeting C++ 2014 plus 3 exclusive workshops organized by think-cell one day before the conference on December 4th. So, for students this will be a 3 day conference! After the workshops you will be invited to the student dinner by think-cell. More details on this day later, currently this is still in the planning stage.

Unlike last year, student tickets will not be sold this year, instead you need to take part in the program by submitting your application to think-cell. You should include your school certificate and be enrolled at a European university. Feel free to also include further links to your C++ projects and activities. The final selection of the 50 students will be made by think-cell by November, application deadline is November 3rd. All the work and advertising for the program is done by think-cell.

And in think-cells own words:

"To support emerging talent, think-cell will facilitate the participation of young academics by introducing a sponsored student program. In addition to free attendance of the conference, this program includes free entrance to three C++ related workshops on December 4 and a dinner, exclusive to student ticket holders only."

So, thank you think-cell! Supporting Europes C++ talents in creating a europe wide network for C++ was one of the driving goals for me to start Meeting C++. I am very pleased, that now in the 3rd year, think-cell enables the young talents in Europe to join us at the conference!




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