The first talks for the 4th track

published at 20.07.2015 10:26 by Jens Weller
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Something new at Meeting C++ this year: the 4th track, which will host sponsored talks and lightning talks/code dojos at the conference! Now I have published the first 2 talks of this track:

Like every other track, the 4th track (D Track in the schedule), has 7 slots in total. Currently 2 of them are planned for a coding dojo and a session of lightning talks. From the remaining 5 slots 3 are already taken by these sponsors:

../../../files/mcpp/sponsoren/incdibuild_logo_200.jpg ../../../files/mcpp/sponsoren/JB_develop_transpar_200.png ../../../files/mcpp/sponsoren/kdab-logo-transparent_200.png

KDAB has not yet decided which talk to bring to the conference, its likely going to be about Qt. There are now 2 slots left which aren't taken by sponsors. I'm still looking for sponsors, who want to be present at the conference, so maybe we'll get 2 more interesting talks from companies using C++! If not, I likely will extend the lightning talks to be 2 or 3 sessions long. More details on the lightning talks will follow soon(tm)...

As I'm still looking for sponsors, the option of sponsored talks is very limited, and the talk must be related to C++, the two now published talks are a very good example. There is still one booth space left at the conference, and also the two already mentioned talk slots. Another motive for sponsoring Meeting C++ is HR, so this is why there is for sponsors a 40% discount available on the listing at Meeting C++ recruiting! Present your company as a possible employer to the C++ Scene at Meeting C++! Also if you send 4 or more attendees to the conference, its already better to be a silver sponsor and get access to 5 discounted tickets (499 instead of 599 €).


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